Structure planning

Structure plans for townships, urban growth areas and town centres in regional towns and cities.

Strategic planning

Strategic plans and studies for municipal areas, sub-regional areas and regions.

Urban design

Urban design framework plans, policies and guidelines for towns, precincts, and commercial and mixed use areas.

Master planning

Master plans for mixed use developmentsĀ  – housing, recreation, tourism, commercial and community facilities.

Planning Scheme Reviews and Amendments

Review and rewriting of planning schemes including consultation during public exhibition, presentation at panel hearings and preparation of planning scheme amendment documents.

Statutory planning and approval processes

Planning applications for residential, business and industrial developments with involvement in all stages of development and planning processes including mediation and planning appeal submissions and attendances.

Feasibility Studies

Feasibility studies for future land rezonings and land development proposals.

Consultation, training, facilitation

Community meetings, workshops, consultation and facilitation.